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Parking meters

Where they are

The parking meters are installed in the green area (ZTL-limited traffic area) and in the
districts surrounding the historic center: San Zeno, Veronetta, Cittadella, Borgo Trento,
Pindemonte, Catena

How they work

The parking meters accept from 10 cents to 2 Euros coins, credit cards and ATM cards
(Maestro circuit). In case of payment by coins, depending on the paid amount and rate
applied in the area, a parking ticket is issued. In case of payment by credit card or ATM
card, the parking time can be selected on the parking meter display and even in this case
the parking ticket is issued. Minimum parking time 30 minutes.

How to park

Clearly display the ticket issued by the parking meter on the dashboard inside the car.


AMT Spa intends to make parking meters (structure) and tickets issued as advertising
media available to companies, public and business establishments. This is an
opportunity to get your company and services known to thousands of people, every day.


Use the app on smartphone and tablet to pay the parking.
The system is managed by third parties in partnership with AMT Spa. In addition to the
applicable parking rate, payment of an additional fee for the service provided is foreseen
(see terms on the site of the chosen subject).
The apps currently available are the following: