“Centro” Parking

Available Spots
Total Spots 439
Via Campo Marzo
45°25'59.0"N 11°00'09.1"E
Typology Three levels (two of them underground) automated park
Supervision Designated monitoring staff 24-hours
Access point The only car entrance and car exit are located in Via Campo Marzo
  • Second level underground access is forbidden to fuelled by LPG or NG/biomethane vehicles
  • Car access is only allowed to vehicles less than 2,20 meters tall
Shuttle Service

A shuttle service hosted by ATV srl connect “Centro Parking” to Piazza Bra

Occasional users
Opening hours 24-hours
Where to pay Ticket payment machine (24-hours)
  • HOURLY: 1€ for every parking hour (or fraction of it)
  • DAILY: 10€ after the tenth parking hour until 24 hours after ticket emission
Reserved for
  • anyone can request a subscription, no specific restriction
  • discounted rates for Limited Traffic Zone employees and students
Where to subscribe

Permits and subscriptions desk

Where to renew
Deadline renew Renews deadline is five days before subscription expiring day

Full: 24-hours / 7-days

  • € 80 – 1 month
  • € 880 – 1 year

Full for Limited Traffic Zone workers: 24-hours / 7-days

  • € 65 – 1 month
  • € 715 – 1 year

Business days for Limited Traffic Zone workers and students: from Monday 00:00 to Friday 11:59PM

  • € 50 – 1 month
  • € 550 – 1 year
Opening hours Aperto 24 ore su 2424-hours