Pass ZTL bus

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Informations ZTL BUS PASS

How to exhibit It is mandatory to exhibit the .pdf file printed by the Online Shop or the receipt issued by the parking meter on the dashboard of the bus where it is easily visible from the outside
Validity ZTL BUS PASS are valid until midnight of activation day
Typologies and rates

Available PASS typologies are associated to 6 rates:


FULL HIGH SEASON – from 1 April to 31 October and from 1 to 31 December : € 150,00


FULL LOW SEASON –  from 1 January to 31 March and from 1 to 30 November : € 100,00


REDUCED : € 40,00

  • Buses with a capacity of up to 25 passengers, excluding the driver
  • Buses carrying guests of hotels located in towns in the Veronese Lake Garda district (Delibera n. 53/2009)



  • Buses carrying groups to the Arena Opera Festival shows (from 6pm)



  • Buses carrying tour groups lodging in hotels in the city of Verona, only on arrival and departure days (bus driver must exhibit a voucher or document provided by the hotel proving the accomodation period)



  • Buses carrying school groups of all types, levels and nationality
  • Buses driving to the Bentegodi Stadium, Gavagnin-Nocini Stadium or the Verona Sports Complex “Palazzetto dello Sport”, only on days when there are events
  • Buses driving to the Verona Fair Headquarters only on days when there are trade fairs
  • Buses carrying groups of residents of Verona
  • Buses transporting disabled passengers. The number of people with disability must reach at least 50% of the available seats. Proper certification is always requested.

Where to buy PASS ZTL BUS

Where to buy
  1. Online Services
  2. using specifc Parking meters and Automatic Ticketing Machines (see map)
Parking meters: how to buy

At parking meters is possible to pay by credit card and coins. How to purchase:

  • Select PASS (full, reduced or free*) using the YELLOW button
  • Digit your bus plate and confirm with the GREEN button (Valid)
  • Pay by credit card or coins (max 30 pcs)
  • Place the ZTL-Bus PASS on the dashboard of the coach

*The groups exempted fron the purchase of ZTL-Bus PASS, have to display both the FREE ticket on the dashboard of the coach and the document which describe the reason of the exemption.

List of parking meters

Parking meters:

  • N. 1001: Via Preare civico 44
  • N. 1002: Via Gardesane fronte civico 36
  • N. 1003: Via Stanga intersezione via Lucio III
  • N. 1007: Via Unità d’italia fronte civici 288/286
Automatic ticket machines

Automatic cash accept banknotes or coins:

  • Automatic cash: in front of ex Mercato Ortofrutticolo entrance
  • Automatic cash: at “C” park area near the Stadium