Bus Parking



From September 8th 2014, due to the opening of the new Bus Terminal, all the operations of passengers loading/unloading must be carried out in the PARK CENTRO only.

From that date, parking in Pallone Street/ Maestri del Commercio Square will be forbidden.

New fares will be implemented as follows:

€ 15,00  first hour 

€ 10,00 each extra hour or part of

€ 5,00 drop off and Pick up passengers (max 15 minutes)

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Buses are allowed to park only in 2 areas: via Pallone and "C" Park Area near the Stadium.

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All the rest of the city is no-parking area for buses.



from 8 am to 10 pm

  • First hour: € 15,00
  • After first hour: € 3,00 every 12 minutes

from 10 pm to 8 am

  • € 30,00 flat rate


There is a 50% discount for coach that bringing students to Verona for educational visit. The driver have to place the declaration from the school (with all students name) on the dashboard of the coach. Parking meters are equipped with a special button that applied reduction.


All buses and vans bearing the proper authorization to transport group of disabled people, are not required to purchase a ticket.


Can be made by automatic cash on site. Machine accept coins, banknotes or credit card. Here you can buy: Park or Opera Bus Place (only on the Opera day from 8 am).


"C" PARK AREA (near the Stadium)


  • from 8 am to 10 pm: € 15,00 flat rate

Can be made by:

  • PARKING METER: accept coins or credit card.
  • AUTOMATIC CASH: accept banknotes or coins. Here you can buy: Daily Park, ZTL Bus PASS or Opera Bus Place (only on the Opera day from 8 am)